5 minute Homemade Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand sanitizer gel

Hand sanitizer gel have become daily essential and is ideal to use when soap and water are not available. Hand sanitizer is a perfect to keep your hands clean and it also fights germs. I am a big fan of sanitizer so I try to make my own sanitizer at home in just 5 minutes. 3-4 ingredients are required to make this super simple hand sanitizer gel. Follow these instructions and keep yourself healthy wealthy and clean!


Things required:

  • aloe vera gels 1/2 cup
  • witch hazel 1/4 cup
  • tree tea oil 9 drops
  • essential oils
  • spatula
  • small bowl
  • small empty squeeze bottle 6 ounce
  • funnel


In a small bowl add aloe Vera gel and then pour the Witch hazel. Use a spatula and mix well.

Then add in Tea tree oil and your favourite essential oil, mix well until fully incorporated. Add more witch hazel if the mixture is too thick.

Now, use funnel and transfer solution into a small bottle and cover it with a lid.

It just takes 5 minutes to make this super simple and quick homemade hand sanitizer gel.

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