5 Minute Kale Smoothie For Glowing Skin

5 Minute Kale Smoothie For Glowing Skin

To have gorgeous glowing skin one must have to take care of his/her diet. Thus, take god care of your health and eat healthy things. Take a good amount of vitamins and nutrients to give yourself a beautiful skin. This very easy and super simple smoothie recipe is perfect for your to treat a skin problem. Kale smoothie is a perfect pairing of veggies, fruits, and chia seeds. Kale is good for the skin because it protects your skin from oxidation and helps to clear out wrinkles. While chia seeds are very beneficial for skin. They are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that boost hydration and it also helps to heal dryness and the fruits in this smoothie are rich in vitamins and minerals. That is going to manage your skin and fight damage from oxidation. To make kale smoothie, simply gather together and blend, you are done with skin glowing smoothie in just 5 minutes.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 5 minutes

Yields: 1 serves

Things required:

  • Kale 1 cup
  • Spinach leaves 1 cup
  • Cored and seeded pear 1
  • Peeled and pitted orange
  • Banana 1 medium
  • Red or white seedless grapes 1 cup
  • Ice cubes 2 cups
  • Water 1/2 cup
  • Chia seeds 1 tsp


  • In a blender add green veggies and a little water, blend well. Then add in pear, orange, banana grapes, water and chia seeds. Blend well until all ingredients are well incorporated.
  • Add in ice cubes and again blend until cool and smooth.
  • Pour fresh and smooth kale smoothie into a glass and serve.
  • Slurp up kale smoothie and enjoy!
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