5 Minute Lose Belly Fat Workout

5 Minute Lose Belly Fat Workout

Want to know the reasons you’re not losing belly fat? You exercise regularly and eat healthy but you still cannot lose your abdominal fat. With all your focus on losing, you feel like you just can’t get ahead. So how do you combat this daily battle of the bulge? For one, you need to make sure you eat a balanced diet that includes veggies, fruits and lean proteins. And what else? As a personal trainer for over a decade, I help people to overcome this issue regularly and now I am here to help you. Here are the reasons you’re not losing belly fat and how to combat this!

1. Not Lifting Weights

You are doing endless hours of cardio between the elliptical, running and biking, but your belly is still not as flat as you want it to be. Why can’t you just run off that belly? When you run, you are burning calories during your workout but once you finish, you stop burning calories. In contrast, when you lift weights, you burn calories during your workout session and you continue to burn calories up to two days later. This is because lifting causes micro tears in your muscles and your body uses calories to heal itself. So include 2-3 days of lifting in your current routine to help achieve the abs of your dreams!

2. Eating Too Much at Night

Your late night craving for popcorn turns into an all-out feast. You wake up the next day feeling bloated, uncomfortable and anything but lean. Could your late night eating be one of the reasons you’re not losing belly fat? Absolutely! If you are overeating at night, your body will not have time to burn this off. When you have the desire to eat, you can choose to try Fruta Planta Pills .It will enable you to have a sense of satiety, reduce your appetite. You do not worry about it will be harmful to your health. Fruta Planta really work out for lose weight .It is a natural product, you can rest assured that use.

3. Having Too Much Sodium

Are the salty chips causing you to bloat? If you are consuming more than 1550 mg of sodium, you can be having excess abdominal bloating. Too much salt in your diet causes water to move from your blood stream to under your skin. So get outside for a run to sweat it out for an hour and cut back on the sodium. When craving salt, have some celery sticks, which are natural and can help combat your salt craving.

4. Skimping on Your Sleep

The finale of your favorite show is on and unfortunately this show will cut into the time you go to bed. But once you see the intro you get sucked in and cannot help but watch it through. The next day you wake up, sleep deprived (on 5 hours sleep), hungry and cranky. Did you know your extreme hunger is caused by lack of sleep? Sleep deprivation causes release of the hormone ghrelin, which is an appetite stimulator. So what should you do in the future? Record your show (to watch the next day) and get to bed early to get 7-9 hours of sleep! Wake up feeling your lean abs and strong core!

5. Not Exercising Enough

You walk every day for 20 minutes, so why can’t you walk your belly away? Well for one, make sure you are working hard enough and finishing your workout covered in sweat. And if you are not feeling challenged by walking, you need to bump up your workout to a speed walk or jog. Secondly, you should aim for 45 minutes to one hour of exercise daily to burn ample calories and combat your belly fat!

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