Spiked Ginger Iced Tea

Spiked ginger iced tea is a refreshing perfect summer drink.  Stay at home and relax this summer with the perfect glass of spiked ginger iced tea.  Give it a try and slurp up refreshing 5 minutes spiked ginger iced tea. Recipe: Spiked ginger iced tea  Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 5 minutes Yields: 6-8 serves Things required: Orange pekoe tea bags 3 Boiling water 3 cups Ice cubes  2

Amazing apricot balls in just 5 minutes

5-minute amazing apricot balls are an absolutely perfect recipe for this summer. It can be perfectly served to treat sweet cravings and enjoy by sharing with others. Recipe: apricot balls  Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 5 minutes Makes 25-30 apricot balls Things required: Whole blanched almonds ½ cup Rolled oats ½ cup Almond extract 1/8 teaspoon Dried apricots 1 cup Unsweetened shredded coconut 1/3 cup Instructions: In a food processor

5 Minute DIY Self Watering Bottle

A self-watering bottle is amazing 5 minute DIY project for gardening. This project is good for those who spend less time at their home and don’t have enough time to take care of plants. the self-watering system from wine bottles in just a few easy steps: DIY: Self Watering Bottle Things required: Empty wine bottle Cork Nail Direction: First, wash your wine bottle and fill it with a water. Take

5 Minute Simple Homemade Salsa Recipe

Homemade salsa is a perfect Mexican food is perfect in its flavors and is spicy. Add all ingredients in a food processor and blend well until soft and smooth and get ready with salsa in just 5 minutes. Recipe: Homemade Salsa Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 5 minutes Things required: Fresh tomatoes 6 Onion- sweet or red- roughly chopped 1/3 Bunch of cilantro Pinch of cayenne pepper Jalapeno pepper

5 Minute Kale Smoothie For Glowing Skin

To have gorgeous glowing skin one must have to take care of his/her diet. Thus, take god care of your health and eat healthy things. Take a good amount of vitamins and nutrients to give yourself a beautiful skin. This very easy and super simple smoothie recipe is perfect for your to treat a skin problem. Kale smoothie is a perfect pairing of veggies, fruits, and chia seeds. Kale is

5 minute Yoga Poses Guaranteed To Shrink Stomach

5-minute yoga poses are among  the best yoga workouts and it guaranteed you to shrink your stomach by daily practice. Try this yoga pose and get sexy, slim waist and belly. Locust Pose: Locust pose is absolutely perfect yoga exercise that guaranteed to lose fat from your belly and shrink stomach quickly.  This yoga pose is perfect for abdominal muscles. Thus to perform locust pose: First, lie down on a

5 minute Homemade Dish Soap

Dish soap is an easy DIY homemade recipe that is prepared in just 5 minutes. Make your own dish washer as they are non-toxins and are safe for the environment. These friendly cleaning products are inexpensive and effective for your household. Here we go: DIY: Dish Soap Thing required: Borax 1 cup Washing soda 1 cup Citric acid 1/2 cup Kosher salt 1/2 cup Instructions: In a large plastic bowl ass

5 Minute Homemade Green Tea Exfoliator

5-minute homemade green tea exfoliator is a DIY facial scrub recipe to get rid of dull skin. Try this homemade spa treatment made of just 4 ingredients in just a few minutes. This treatment is going to make your skin soft and rejuvenated because of a perfect combo of green tea, sugar, olive oil and raw honey, Lavender oil is used just for the fragrance. This homemade exfoliator is really

5 minute face pack for all skin type

This 5-minute face pack is loaded with natural ingredients, banana, oats, honey and lemon juice. Throughout the centuries, Honey has been used for beauty products. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, also calms the  redness and irritation due to sun rays. Lemon is used in many beauty products due to its bleaching properties while oats work best as a gentle exfoliating agent. Banana also helps in making the skin soft

5-Minute Thai Peanut Sauce

5-minute Thai peanut sauce is the delicious homemade sauce. Serve peanut sauce for  lunch r dinner along with grilled chicken, rice, noodles, and spring rolls etc. Recipe: Thai Peanut Sauce Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 5 minutes Things you’ll need: Light coconut milk 1 can of 13 ounce Red curry paste 3-4 tablespoons Natural unsweetened creamy peanut butter 1 cup Low-sodium soy sauce 3 tablespoons Sugar or honey 1/4 cup

5 Minute Yoga Morning Routine

The United Nations has declared 21 of June as an International day of yoga. This day is celebrated all around the world as it highlights the important role of healthy living. Start your morning with this two easy and simple yoga poses and keep yourself healthy wealthy wise. It not only make you feel good but also leaves a positive effect on your minds. According to the US National library of

Tropical Green Tea Smoothie in just 5 minutes

Tropical green tea smoothie is a perfect pairing of tropical fruits.It’s delicious in taste with a flavor of green tea and tropical fruits. This smoothie is wonderful because of nutrients its provides. Mango and papaya, both are rich in antioxidants while the banana is rich in potassium and simply adds fiber to the smoothie. It also gives the smoothie a smooth consistency so that is essential for good smoothies. This smoothie