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5 Minute Homemade Green Tea Exfoliator

5-minute homemade green tea exfoliator is a DIY facial scrub recipe to get rid of dull skin. Try this homemade spa treatment made of just 4 ingredients in just a few minutes. This treatment is going to make your skin soft and rejuvenated because of a perfect combo of green tea, sugar, olive oil and raw honey, Lavender oil is used just for the fragrance. This homemade exfoliator is really

5 minute face pack for all skin type

This 5-minute face pack is loaded with natural ingredients, banana, oats, honey and lemon juice. Throughout the centuries, Honey has been used for beauty products. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, also calms the  redness and irritation due to sun rays. Lemon is used in many beauty products due to its bleaching properties while oats work best as a gentle exfoliating agent. Banana also helps in making the skin soft

The Bouffant Bun In Just 5 Minutes

Are you bored with your daily hair style and want some change then wrap your hair into a bouffant bun. Bouffant bun looks complicated but it is quite easy to make in just 5 minutes. This cute hairstyle simply  works as a hair band because it ties all of your hairs. It simply takes 5 minutes to make this unique and messy hairstyle. Thus, take 5 minutes out of your

5 Minute Game Of Throne Inspired Hair Style

Game of throne is an American fantasy drama television series and it has ranked among the most popular TV show.The play is epic due to its character and  the incredible range of strong and stunning female characters that keeps us involve in the show. Thus, female characters in this play tie their hair in different hair styles. Different braid hair style is used to tie their hairs which are inspiring so here

5 Minute DIY Cracked Hand Salve

Homemade cracked hand slave is 5 minute DIY beauty hack. Thus, make this super simple hand slave in just 5-minute and gifts it to your family and friends. DIY: Cracked Hand Salve Things required:  Shea Butter 2 Tbsp Grated Beeswax  2 Tbsp Almond Oil 1 Tbsp Lavender essential oil 10 Drops Double Boiler Instructions: Take a double boiler and pour water in a bottom portion of the boiler and place

5 Minute DIY Hair-Strengthening Mask

This 5-minute hair strengthening mask is perfect for weak hair as it contains olive oil, lemon, honey, and rosemary. Olive oil is a nourishing ingredient, it simply nourishes your hair and makes them strong. While rosemary gives extra shine to your hair. Honey and eggs are both great restructuring ingredients. They are perfect for your hair as well as your skin. While, lemon is used to eradicate egg smell in

Two face masks in just 5 minutes

Face packs are essential to remove dust, oil, and bacteria from your face. Several of face pack are introduce for every skin type. Ehh white is an essential ingredient use in many face packs to tightens and toning the skin. Use egg white with other easily available ingredients and get flawless skin in few days. Here we go: Egg White And fuller’ s earth Mask: Egg is the most common

makeup remover wipes

Homemade makeup remover pads are an easy way to remove your makeup. It is a perfect pairing of coconut oil, baby wash, essential oil, and pads. For years, coconut oil is mostly used to remove makeup. to It also helps to kill bacteria and allows your skin a refreshing look. This 5 minute DIY is an easy way to preserve the wipes little longer. These nourishing cleansing pads are fun and

5 minute braid

Pull through braid is a simple hairstyle for a busy day. It keeps your hair tie for a whole day. I love this simple braid because it looks like little-inverted hearts. Try this simple and easy 5-minute pull through the braid. Enjoy! Supplies: Elastic band Brush Instructions: First, tie your hair into a high ponytail and gently comb your hair Then split your ponytail in half. Take one section and

5 minute face pack for all skin type

This cleansing, refreshing, and very simple face mask are perfect for most skin types. This 5-minute mask is a perfect pairing of honey, oatmeal, and natural live yogurt. Every ingredient in this is beneficial for skin health. As oatmeal works best as a gentle exfoliating agent. While, natural live yogurt works to refreshes, softens the skin, It also serves best as a natural bleaching agent. It is also good for preventing and

Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Every month, a new cream appears in the market with sky-high promises to make you look young and smart. So many products in a single shop make difficult what to select for and they are expensive too. Here in this article, you are going to learn, how to make 5-minute homemade anti-aging skin care recipe with just 6 ingredients. These ingredients are easily available in store. Thus, ignore store-bought anti-wrinkle

Get Thicker Lashes In Just 5 Minutes

Thicker, longer, stronger and fuller eyelashes are a part of a woman’s natural beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with beautiful and long eyelashes. No need to worry, now Lush up your lashes in the blink of an eye with this simple and easy beauty hack. DIY: Get Thicker Lashes In  Just 5 Minutes Things required: Loose powder A disposable mascara wand A thinner wand bottom mascara Volumizing one Mascara Direction: First,