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improve your garden, plants and flowers in 5 minutes. Make flower bouquet in 5 minutes

5 Minute DIY Self Watering Bottle

A self-watering bottle is amazing 5 minute DIY project for gardening. This project is good for those who spend less time at their home and don’t have enough time to take care of plants. the self-watering system from wine bottles in just a few easy steps: DIY: Self Watering Bottle Things required: Empty wine bottle Cork Nail Direction: First, wash your wine bottle and fill it with a water. Take

5 minute stamped plant markers

5 minute stamped plant markers is a great way to mark plant in the garden. It’s a simple and cutest idea for your garden and it also helps to organize your garden in a better way. Inexpensive DIY craft is usually made of recycling things, can lid, wire, paint, and any plastic plate etc. Thus make these crazy easy 5 minute stamped plant markers and decorate your garden as you

DIY Orange peel bird feeders

DIY orange peel bird feeders is an excellent way to teach your children to help and feed others. In winter season, it will help the bird to feed and orange peel feeder is the best idea to attract nature to your garden. Materials: Orange Yarn pin or needles bird seeds Method: To make orange peel bird feeder you have to peel the top half away of orange. Carefully remove fruit

Feng Shui Garden In Just Five Minutes

Hi friends, I am back with the second and final edition of how to Zen your garden. As I mentioned in my previous post that Zen is the short form of Zen Buddhism and is also a go-to-word to describe anything that is calming and relaxing. This post will provide you with do it yourself or DIY ideas to transform your backyard into Japanese garden on your own. Get rid

use of rocks in Japanese gardens

Zen Buddhism in short in known as Zen, and it has also become a go-to word to describe anything that’s calming and centering. There’s also some historical truth attached to it when it comes to the tenets of Buddhism. The teachings of the Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, are mostly based on peace and meditation, which can lead to intuitive understanding. Japanese rock gardens, which are also known as Zen gardens,

how to kill wasps

If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp, you are certain that these stingy monsters live up to their reputation of being aggressive and having painful stings. Spiders and insects are the two insects all of us fear the most. In my earlier post I shared with you black widow spider facts and their amazing pictures, and also some useful information on fig wasps. Today in this post I will

Latest Home Decor Trends in Thane

Here are some of the latest trends that have gained popularity in the last couple of years… The city of Thane has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Thanks to the real estate boom escalating to a completely different level altogether, it now boasts of a massive number of interior stores and furniture outlets and so, have people coming in from neighbouring suburbs to choose and

How to Grow Chinese Greens

Chinese greens Plant type: Edible annual. Height: Up to 30cm. Width: Up to 7cm. Full sun. Plant seeds from late summer to spring. Harvest in 6–7 weeks. Can be grown in pots. There are a number of Chinese greens that have caught the attention of cooks and gardeners alike. Bok choy (also called pak choi), tat soi, mizuna and mibuna are quick and easy to grow – in just six to seven weeks

Five Minute to Decorate your Garden

  Today, the garden is a place where the words aesthetic and pleasure make sense. Indeed, a good outdoor decoration personalizes a garden. Here are 5 essential decorative objects that you may need to give life to your outdoor. Sculptures and garden sculptures Currently, several specialized shops sell these items to decorate a garden. You have choice between various statues, made ​​of granite, marble, iron, or others. Concerning the design,

Outdoor Living Ideas

Developing backyard landscaping ideas can seem like a big project, but coming up with great backyard landscaping designs doesn’t have to overwhelm. Looking for ways to give your backyard a makeover? Whether you’re looking for simple backyard landscaping ideas, backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, or a complete overhaul of your backyard design, check out these cool backyard landscaping ideas. Play with Pavers  Backyard landscaping ideas can be as easy

amazing uses of lemon for better homes and gardens

When you get lemons, you make lemonade. But how do you use the finishes? Today in this post I am going to share with you 11 amazing ways to use lemons in your homes and gardens. So don’t bin all those lemon peels, it is time you put them to work. Here’s DIY ways of how to use lemons for better homes and gardens in just five minutes. Get Rid

Five Minute Lawn Care Tips

Watering of your lawn: A lawn require about 25mm of water once a week It is important to adjust this weekly watering according to the time of the year and the weather. During hot dry periods, you can water your lawn more frequently, up to twice a week. During the winter, you can reduce the watering to once every 10 days. If it rain, it is not necessary to water