5 Things You Should Never Do in a Race

Through my personal experiences, encounters on the course, and my own twisted sense of humor, here are some suggestions/thoughts/things to (not) do in your next race that will surely make you and probably everyone around you laugh. Remember, through all of the pain and training, it’s important to always maintain a sense of humor. After all, you’re paying good money to run as fast as you can away from where

5 Exhilarating Ways To Spend Your Holidays

So, the holidays are coming, but you don’t feel much enthusiasm about it. You have already been to all the traditional holiday destinations, tried everything offered by travel agencies and the prospect of yet another trip to yet another similar-looking location bores you out of your mind. Congratulations – it is high time to try out something really exciting and new; the world still has a lot to offer! Go

adjusting bike gears in just five minutes

Hi friends, thanks a lot for appreciating my post on sports and bikes where I discussed how to clean a bicycle chain, and many of my readers demanded similar posts on bikes and bicycles, so I have come up with a very interesting and helpful post on how to adjust bike gears in just five minutes. It is always fun and healthy to ride a bicycle, mountain biking is one

7 Music Therapy Benefits

Music has a profound effect on your body and mind. Music therapy is a growing field of health care used to heal people. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize how effective and useful the power of music therapy is. In fact, music therapy is often used to ward off depression and to calm and ease muscle tension. Music therapy can bring an innumerable list of other benefits. Read on to

how to know top 10 racehorses

Followed by world’s fastest cars, I bring to you top 10 racehorses of all time. All through the history of horse race, there have been innumerable champions that have been born – some famous for their multiple victories and bewildering purses, their impressive pedigree, ability to accelerate the spirits of a nation, or all of the above! Today in this post I will help you learn how to know the

Complete Football World Cup Guide

  Goooaaalll! The 2014 World Cup is about to kick off (literally) in Brazil, so for the next month you’re going to be hearing a lot about soccer. But if you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t pay much attention to the planet’s most popular sport during the three years and 11 months when the World Cup isn’t going on. Fortunately, Jimmy Conrad—a former member of the U.S. Men’s National Team, a

Five Minute Activities for Busy Days

  A Game of “Statue” We love to play Statue while waiting in line for lunch or specials. One person is “it” and says statue. All of the other kids freeze and try to look the most like a statue. The person who is “it” selects the one who looks most like a statue to start a new round. This is a fantastic, imaginative, and quiet game! —Ruth Ewell, Lone Tree, CO,

hennessey venom gt world's fastest production car

The Hennessey Venom GT is the only car that has broken the speed record of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. It broke the speed record for a production car, touching 270.49 mph in the first half of February 2014 earlier during a run on the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, former space shuttle landing strip. It beats the speed record of 269.86 mph mark set by the Veyron — a

Five Minute Coin Puzzle Tricks

  Here is the Great Coin Puzzle trick that can win you beers! This coin Puzzle trick is great for bets. The coin Puzzle trick is easy to learn and you can find out more about it here: http://easybartricks.com/coin-puzzle.html You can also find More Coins Puzzles at: http://easybartricks.com STEP 1: THE CHALLENGE Welcome to a video presentation from EasyBarTricks.com. In this video I will show you a coin puzzle. Coin puzzles might

Five Minute Tennis Playing Guide

  New to the sport and interested in learning how to play tennis? Energized to embrace this challenging sport? Great. What is your motive? Is it the social aspect of the sport? Not a concern.The warmth of the culture in the tennis world is abundant, so locating tennis players to compete against at all levels is virtually guaranteed. The social aspect of the game is awesome, but you will find

Rules of Badminton in 5 Minute

  Badminton is a sport that has been around since the 16th century. The sport is played indoors and the pinnacle comes from its Olympic events. The sport is very popular in Asian countries such as China and India with these countries leading the way by producing some of the world’s best players. Object Of The Game The object of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and

5 Minute Poker Guide for Beginners

  Poker is one of the most popular games that have widely been accepted by all the casinos of the world. Its growing popularity can be judged from the fact that daily millions of people play poker. The word poker itself is searched over 1 million times a day. Due to its enormous demand poker has been made available on the Internet. Yes! This is true. You can even play