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5 minute homemade dusting spray

5-minute homemade dusting spray is absolutely perfect because it is chemical free. Homemade dusting spray is perfect to lift up the dirt and allergies from surfaces. This 4 ingredient formula is easy and safe to try. Here we go! 5-minute homemade dusting spray Things required: Water 1 cup Liquid castile soap 2 tsp Olive oil or jojoba oil 1 tbsp Lemon essential oil 3 drops Empty spray bottle Microfiber Instructions:

5 minute Orange and Lemon Salt Scrub

5-minute orange and lemon salt scrub are easy to make at home. It allows your body a fresh and smooth texture. It eliminates the dry and dull appearance of the skin. This body scrub is a perfect combo of sea salt along with the orange and lemon peel. Sea is very effective for the body as it is loaded with potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and bromine. It simply helps to

5 Minutes Natural Sore Throat Remedy

As the weather is changing, cold and flu season is at its peak. In this season, we usually experience many viral diseases and sore throat is one of them. A sore throat is generally caused by viral or bacterial infection. I am sharing this natural 5-minute sore throat remedy because I am to experiencing it today. It increased pain when I am about to swallow any food or liquid. So

homemade aftershave

5-minute homemade aftershave is an herbal gift for men and definitely, they will simply love this. This aftershave is a perfect blend of all spices, cinnamon, witch hazel, rum, cloves and Rum. Each spice unique smell makes this homemade aftershave a unique product for a male. These spices are good for men with sensitive skin. Store bought aftershaves have a strong scent like perfumes. So this simple and sweet smell

5 minutes tips for crafting with children

Craft activities with young children, it not sounds good for parents because many parents dread this idea. This issue is just because of mess or serious parental input. However, craft activities are good for children, because it allows children confidence, encourage to explore things and make them creative. So, as a parent don’t feel irritated but allow your children to do things what they want and do craft specific activities

Know New Year's Eve Good Luck Traditions Around The Globe In 5 Minutes

New year’s Eve, last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This special event is celebrated all around the world because all cultures follow the Gregorian calendar. New Year’s Eve is a day of blended affections for some individuals. On one hand, it is a period to praise the end of the year passed by and welcome what is in store in the New Year. Then again, a few


Shea butter, it history can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, they use Shea butter to protect skin and hair from scorching heat and hot and dry winds from African desserts. Shea Butter is a skin superfood that originates from the fruit of the African Shea tree and that is normally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV insurance and furnishes the skin with key unsaturated fats

love and intuition

True love, what exactly is true love? Does it really exist?? Yes two people living together harmoniously over a prolonged period of time develop a strong attachment known as true love. But what if the same type of attachment develops between two people meeting for the first time? Can it be called true love or mere physical attraction or in carnal terms just LUST?? Most of the people will say

taking screenshots on all devices

We write a lot of articles here at JIFM meant to help you with various stuff, right from health to job, relationship to lifestyle, entertainment to learning and many more. Today in our technology section, we are going to cover computers and smartphones. Looking for ways to take a screenshot on Windows and Mac or any other device, you are at the perfect spot, today I am going to show

how to find ip address

The reason why you are here is because you are looking for ways on how to find your IP address, on a Mac, PC, or Linux. In earlier days, when you used to be on call with customer support and they required to know your IP address in order to solve your computer related issues, the first words you would utter at that time were probably: How to find my

how to cure athlete's foot

One doesn’t need to be an athlete to get athlete’s foot. The medical term for athlete’s foot is “tinea pedis,” this annoying condition is a fungal infection that results in itchiness between and around toes, also causes scaly or cracked/peeling patches of skin, dryness on the bottoms or sides of feet, and thick, ragged, and/or discolored toenails. Men are more likely to be affected by it rather than women. It

how to apply eye makeup

Applying eye-makeup is not a complicated task. There is a huge array of eye-makeup ranging from natural eye makeup, to sexy smokey eyes, to dramatic eyes makeup. However in today’s eye makeup tutorial we have opted to include three classic and sophisticated eyeshadow designs. Here is a quick eye makeup guide with easy steps for classically attractive eyeshadow designs on how to apply eye-makeup like a pro in just five