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5 minute Yoga Poses Guaranteed To Shrink Stomach

5-minute yoga poses are among  the best yoga workouts and it guaranteed you to shrink your stomach by daily practice. Try this yoga pose and get sexy, slim waist and belly. Locust Pose: Locust pose is absolutely perfect yoga exercise that guaranteed to lose fat from your belly and shrink stomach quickly.  This yoga pose is perfect for abdominal muscles. Thus to perform locust pose: First, lie down on a

5 Minute Yoga Morning Routine

The United Nations has declared 21 of June as an International day of yoga. This day is celebrated all around the world as it highlights the important role of healthy living. Start your morning with this two easy and simple yoga poses and keep yourself healthy wealthy wise. It not only make you feel good but also leaves a positive effect on your minds. According to the US National library of

5 Minute Syrup To Eliminates Bacteria And Infections

This 5-minute syrup is best as it eliminates bacteria and infections from your organism. It contains 3 natural ingredients which work perfectly to fight diseases. Garlic a powerful and ancient natural remedies that are helpful to treat respiratory problems due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It simply improves your immune system. Apple cider vinegar is well known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also contains good for overall health.

5 Minute, Homemade, Bug Spray

DIY: Homemade Bug Spray Prep time: 5 minutes Things you will need: Witch hazel 2/3 cup Baby oil or olive oil 1 cup Vanilla extract 1 tsp Assorted essential oil 30-40 drops Whole cloves 4-5 Empty spray bottle Instructions: Combine together witch hazel and baby oil in large bowl and stir well. Then add vanilla extract and then add drops of assorted essential oils. Again stir well. Then add whole

5 Minute Reflexology For Anxiety And Stress

Reflexology an ancient Chinese therapy. They believe that our body have certain reflex points like a map. These points are connected to certain body organs and these reflex points leave positive effect on specific organs. These are helpful to reduce stress, anxiety and it also stimulates the brain, pituitary gland and pineal gland and adrenal gland. Take 5 minutes out of your busy routine and perform all these activities in

Say Ba Bye To Toothache In Just 5 Minutes

Toothache is one of the most annoying problems one experience. Most of us suffer from it during the night and it becomes difficult for us to consult a doctor. Thus here in this so article I am sharing three simple steps which are going to work as an instant pain relief in just 5 minutes. To get instant relief from Toothache, clove will definitely work as a lifesaver. Instructions: Step

5-Minute Yoga Routine for best day

One can enhance or maintain his/her physical fitness and overall health by following simple yoga techniques. Yoga is best as it does more than calories burn and tone muscles. Basically, It’s a total mind-body workout. It increases flexibility and helps to strengthen poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. Here are two simple 5-minute yoga moves that are going to strengthen and lengthen your muscles for the best day. This

Get Rid Of Whiteheads In 5 Minutes

  Whiteheads a common skin disorder. It is also known as comedones. These are specific kind of white acne that forms when dead skin cells, bacteria and oil trapped within your skin pores and it usually look like white bumps. People with oily skin usually experience white heads. They commonly appears on the chin and nose but they can seen anywhere in the body. It usually spoils your looks. Thus, follow

5 minutes sitting stretches at office

5-minute Deskercise is a perfect substitute for sitting. Sitting  all day can be dangerous for your physical and mental health. Try these simple sitting stretches as it pries your eyes from the computer screen and allows us to pull our butts out of our seats. It also helps to refresh your mood nd mind. Do follow this quick Deskercises. Torso twist: Torso twist is a perfect stretch as it helps to release

5 minute hand exercise

This 5-minute hand exercise is powerful for an instant energy boost and emotional balance. One of the ancient Japanese art related to hand exercise is known as Jin Shin Jyutsu. One of the powerful alternative health practice which usually promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health.  According to this famous tradition, each part of the hand is connected with different emotions or organs. Thus, it is the best way to balance

5 minute workout

Here are two simple 5-minute moves that are going to tone your body in few weeks. This quick 2 move workout is perfect for these summer days which make you lazy. So even in summer keep your body healthy by taking 5 minutes out of busy routine and performing these two workouts. These two challenging moves are standing booty kicks and one-legged push-up. Set 5 minute on your stopwatch and

5 Minute Meditation

Daily 5-minute meditation is going to change your mind. It simply calms you down and brings you to a peace. It helps to combat anxiety and make you relax. Give it a try, seriously it will work! Here are some steps which are going to help you to perform 5-minute meditation. First and foremost step you have to do is to set timer for 5 minutes. Then lay on a