How To Give Yourself Dreadlocks In Just 5 Minutes

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There are so many of you out there who simply dig dreadlocks. For so long you have always wanted to have it but just didn’t know how. Well here is how you can give yourself dreadlocks in just 5 minutes.

There are many methods which can give you those super locks, in this article I tell you can create dreadlocks by the backcombing method. As there are many methods used to create dreadlocks therefore I would like to suggest that you research all the methods fully before opting for the one best suited for you.

Before you start this process you will have to have your hair washed with a residue-free soap. Next you part your hair from the middle or wherever you normally part it. now with small rubber bands you start to section off your.

Although you don’t need to remove the bands before backcombing but it is usually recommended that you do so. Even if it will make your dreads a little harder to keep separated in the beginning but it will pay off eventually.

Make sure that each square section has the same amount of hair as this is what determines the size of the dread. Normally a good medium lock is one that is one inch by one inch square.

The sections and rows may be visible in the finished dreads. This is normal, but as your hair grows together and thickens it will become unnoticeable.

Therefore in case if you want uniform dreadlocks try to keep the size of the sections as uniform as possible. But there are some who like the messy, unorganized look, for them all they need to do is just grab random sections of hair and go about dreading them.

Next you get hold of a metal-toothed comb generally the one that is used as a flea.

Start backcombing or teasing the sections of hair using the metal-toothed comb, you can just work in one inch sections rather than taking the entire length of your hair.

All you need to do here is to very slowly let a hair or two slip on each stroke forward. These loose hairs will get pushed towards your scalp and start to form a dread. Next you will have to pack the hairs in tight by pushing the comb firmly against the newly created dread on each stroke.

In order to make sure that the dreads come out round, you will have to roll the dreads as you go about making them. Pay a close attention here that the knots closest to the scalp are as tight as you can get them.

In case if you do not want any wispy ends then you can simply blunt the ends of the dreads. You can do so by smashing the tips repeatedly for a round end.

Finally hold each dread about an inch away from the scalp and press toward the scalp, and rub in clockwise circles; this will help you keep the roots tight. And surprising enough you are all done with your dreadlocks looks.

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