Make Earring Holder In Just 5 Minutes

Make Earring Holder In Just 5 Minutes

Are you looking to organize your earrings for a long time? Then this article is such a great solution to your problem. This earring holder is just a cute and creative closet organization idea. You will love this DIY 5-minute adorable earring holder and give it a try. They would also make great gifts for our friends, enjoy and have fun making !

DIY: Earring Holder

Things needed:

  • A picture frame
  • Metal  sheeting
  • Heavy-duty scissor


  • First, remove glass inside the picture frame and set aside.  Now take metal sheeting and to fit it perfectly into the frame. Cut it with a heavy duty scissor.
  • Place metal sheeting in the frame, flip the paper insert the frame came with backwards so that white side should be shown.
  • Now place the frame back in the place. 5-minute earring holder is ready. Now it’s time to hang your earrings and dangle earring holder on the wall.

This 5 minute DIY earring holder is an easy creative craft which works best for your jewelry organization.

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