Pull Through Braid tutorial In Just 5 Minutes

5 minute braid

Pull through braid is a simple hairstyle for a busy day. It keeps your hair tie for a whole day. I love this simple braid because it looks like little-inverted hearts. Try this simple and easy 5-minute pull through the braid. Enjoy!


  • Elastic band
  • Brush


First, tie your hair into a high ponytail and gently comb your hair

Then split your ponytail in half. Take one section and again split it in half.

Wrap one-half around your ponytail and secure it with elastic.

Now split the hair underneath in half and wrap it around the front and secure it with elastic.

Continue until you are done with your hair and keep the spacing even while securing it with an elastic.

If required use your hair spray for a shiny and vibrant touch.

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