Build a website in 5 minutes

You are about to start your small business and you decided to have a website for it. Many people think it as a technical and complicated work so they charges web designers for professional website. Now it is easy to create free website for yourself and your business only in 5 minutes. These are simple and easy to follow steps to create your own website. Let’s get started: Step 1:

taking screenshots on all devices

We write a lot of articles here at JIFM meant to help you with various stuff, right from health to job, relationship to lifestyle, entertainment to learning and many more. Today in our technology section, we are going to cover computers and smartphones. Looking for ways to take a screenshot on Windows and Mac or any other device, you are at the perfect spot, today I am going to show

how to find ip address

The reason why you are here is because you are looking for ways on how to find your IP address, on a Mac, PC, or Linux. In earlier days, when you used to be on call with customer support and they required to know your IP address in order to solve your computer related issues, the first words you would utter at that time were probably: How to find my

how to speed up slow computer in just five minutes

This post is for all those computer users who want to speed up their slow running Mac computer. It is quite a certainty that all the Mac OS X no matter old or new slow downs at some point of time. The reason for the computer to run slow can be due to various reasons such as a cluttered hard drive, poor RAM size, heavy applications or due to lack

how to turn on remote desktop

Remote Desktop is a really great way by which you can connect your PC to another PC at office, home, etc for Remote Assistance. Remote desktop is software that allows you to use your desktop computer when you are not close to it. Remote Desktop is an easy and simple way where you get Remote Assistance by remotely connecting your computer to another computer and get your work done or

capture an image

This video tutorial here will show you how to take a screenshot or capture the image on your computer screen so that you can easily save it on your system or share it with others. There are several keyboard combinations that will help you to take screenshots in Mac OS X. These commands are handled by SystemUIServer process. It is really very simple to take a screen shot on your

multi touch computer from microsoft

Hello everybody, today in our web and technology section of Just In Five Minutes I have got Multi Touch Surface Computer from Microsoft which is commonly known as Milan or The Surface. Today in this post I will show you the amazing features of Milan or Multi Touch Surface Computer presented by Microsoft. In this image you can see Mark Bolger who is the marketing director of Microsoft’s surface computing

how to increase the speed of your windows xp in just 5 mins

If your operating system is not working properly then for sure you will face great many issues with your system. In case if a user finds its XP working really slow then there are chances that he wouldn’t feel like working in that windows anymore. Your windows are really very important to you as they are your operating system and it is very much necessary for your windows to work

power saver tips

As the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are building up we are having global warming which is the outcome of power plants that burn fossil fuels to generate electricity. a great deal of electricity is consumed by information and communications technology, much of which is wasted as heat, consumed by computers and monitors needlessly left on, or used to cool hardware that is not running efficiently. If you can make

make your computer run faster

Do you have to wait longer than necessary on your computer? Has your computer’s speed decreased drastically? I have the solution. This video will provide you with certain useful tips that will make your computer run faster. You don’t have to spend whole day fretting about your computer, go through this video and in just 5 minutes you will be able to make your computer run faster. You can increase

format and reinstall windows 7

This video provides you with a visual tutorial about how to format windows 7. Along with formatting windows 7, it also provides you with the guide on how to re-install windows 7 on your computer. This tutorial is so easy and explains everything in explicit details, even an inexperienced person can easily format and reinstall windows 7.

wireless mouse

The mouse is a very important part of a computer. There are different sizes, shapes, and colors of a mouse. But the latest among them is a wireless mouse. With no strings attached your computer will look neat and modern by this mouse. It is also very easy and comfortable to use. But incase if you’ve never worked with wireless accessories before then you may find it a little bit