5 Minute DIY Self Watering Bottle

A self-watering bottle is amazing 5 minute DIY project for gardening. This project is good for those who spend less time at their home and don’t have enough time to take care of plants. the self-watering system from wine bottles in just a few easy steps: DIY: Self Watering Bottle Things required: Empty wine bottle Cork Nail Direction: First, wash your wine bottle and fill it with a water. Take

5 Minute DIY Cracked Hand Salve

Homemade cracked hand slave is 5 minute DIY beauty hack. Thus, make this super simple hand slave in just 5-minute and gifts it to your family and friends. DIY: Cracked Hand Salve Things required:  Shea Butter 2 Tbsp Grated Beeswax  2 Tbsp Almond Oil 1 Tbsp Lavender essential oil 10 Drops Double Boiler Instructions: Take a double boiler and pour water in a bottom portion of the boiler and place

5 Minute DIY Hair-Strengthening Mask

This 5-minute hair strengthening mask is perfect for weak hair as it contains olive oil, lemon, honey, and rosemary. Olive oil is a nourishing ingredient, it simply nourishes your hair and makes them strong. While rosemary gives extra shine to your hair. Honey and eggs are both great restructuring ingredients. They are perfect for your hair as well as your skin. While, lemon is used to eradicate egg smell in

Wish Bracelets In Just 5 Minutes

Wish bracelet is easy DIY fun project. This bracelet is a cheap, easy and fun project to make wish bracelet. This article will tell you know how to make stylish and trendy bracelets with hem twine and seven beads in just five minutes. Wish bracelet is amazing, as it is said that before wearing wish bracelet make a wish. Thus, make this bracelet as amazing and fun DIY gifts to

Make Earring Holder In Just 5 Minutes

Are you looking to organize your earrings for a long time? Then this article is such a great solution to your problem. This earring holder is just a cute and creative closet organization idea. You will love this DIY 5-minute adorable earring holder and give it a try. They would also make great gifts for our friends, enjoy and have fun making ! DIY: Earring Holder Things needed: A picture frame

5 minute bodywash

Now make your own body wash in just 5 minutes. Wash your way to soft, clean skin with a rich, creamy lather bursting with fragrance. Try this body wash and get yourself clean and leave skin fresh. DIY: Body Wash Things required: Any soap bar Water 2-3 cups Coconut milk 1 cup Cheese grater Empty bottle Instructions: First, grate soap bar until you are done grating soap. Add soap flakes into

Homemade Slime In Just 5 Minutes

Now it’s easy to make slime at your home in just five minutes. Combine together 5 ingredients in just five minutes and make slime according to your favorite fragrance and glitter. Glittery slime is going to attracts your children so this summer engage your children in this very easy DIY project. DIY: Homemade Slime Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 5 minutes Things required: Borax Powder 1 Tbsp Water 1

5 minute leggings

5-minute toddler leggings is an easy DIY sewing project. Sew a pair of leggings your toddlers for  and do share this article with your friends. Things required: A pair of knee-high socks Knit elastic 1 inch Sewing machine Matching thread Scissor Instructions: First, use a scissor to cut the toe of each sock. Then cut from the toe to the heel and ends when curve arrives. Now, turn one sock

5 minute tornado in a jar

Tornado in a jar is an easy and simple DIY science project which is done in just 5 minutes. Engage your children in these type of science projects to learn and it really fun to make. Try this classic experiment tornado in a jar. Basically, tornado forms when both hot and cold air combines and they spin very quickly. This summer vacations  engage your kids in making their own tornado

5 minute face mask

Summer brings lots of skin problems and in summer all of us take good care of our skin. Thus in summers keep your skin healthy and fresh with easy and simple Homemade DIY facemasks.  This 5-minute mask is perfect because Avocado and honey are best products to restore the moisture in the skin. Honey also helps to repair the scaly skin whereas avocado is good to provide nutrition to the

5 minute Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet

Toilet paper roll bracelet is a 5 minute DIY recycled project. Make a simple bracelet and decorate it with different laces, beads, ribbon flowers, and glitter. This project is a fun and great to wear at any time. DIY: 5 Minute Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet Supplies: A toilet paper roll A paper bag Light blue organza ribbon Jeans fabric Pure cotton fabric small white pearls 3 Scissors Pencil Ruler Paper

5 minute stamped plant markers

5 minute stamped plant markers is a great way to mark plant in the garden. It’s a simple and cutest idea for your garden and it also helps to organize your garden in a better way. Inexpensive DIY craft is usually made of recycling things, can lid, wire, paint, and any plastic plate etc. Thus make these crazy easy 5 minute stamped plant markers and decorate your garden as you