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5 minutes tips for crafting with children

Craft activities with young children, it not sounds good for parents because many parents dread this idea. This issue is just because of mess or serious parental input. However, craft activities are good for children, because it allows children confidence, encourage to explore things and make them creative. So, as a parent don’t feel irritated but allow your children to do things what they want and do craft specific activities

Do It Yourself Christmas Spiders

Here is an awesome way to spice up your Christmas tree in just five minutes. My friends, I have a great trick that will spice up your Christmas tree and add fun to the Christmas holiday of your kids. The idea is to make Christmas spiders as one of the Christmas ornaments. Yes, that’s true, Christmas spiders! Even though spiders in Christmas sound a little bit creepy, but actually its

How to make diy hearts valentine's friendship bracelets

The best gifts you can gift to yourself, your family and friends are DIY friendship bracelets. Today in this post I am going to share with you 5 different friendship bracelets pattern and also show step by step instructions on how to make friendship bracelets at home in just five minutes. Friendship bracelets are by far the best gift ideas for any type of romantic event, be it a date,

chignon prom hairstyles in just five minutes

Prom is definitely one of the most exciting occasions in the life of high school girls. The dress, the shoes, the makeup, the date, and of course the hair have to be just perfect! Here are five easy and simple do it yourself hairstyles for prom that will help you save a few bucks. On prom night, you would definitely want to look your very best, well who doesn’t! Keep

how to fix a scratched cd

Many of us these days are transferring all our music from our CD collection onto MP3 players, iPod, MMC or flash drives. The problem faced by almost all of us is that it is quite difficult to find our old compact discs that are still working properly. These compact discs are not faring so well with the years due to smudges, scratches and spots. Today in this article I am

fun tattoos in just five minutes

Tattoos have become a rage nowadays. Latest among tattoo trends is to sport one on your arm, leg, butt, chest or any part of your body, just to look hip and cool. Today in this post I am going to share with you how to make fake tattoos in just five minutes because real tattoos are mainly considered as a form of body mutilation, therefore I will stick to fake

get rid of acne quickly

Great news for all my readers, today in this post I will share with you an easy and simple beauty secret that will help you get rid of acne and pimples naturally. I will tell you how to get yourself a do it yourself homemade rose toner in just five minutes that will help you get rid of acne and pimples naturally. This do it yourself rosewater toner is easy

lip balm recipes

Your search for the best recipes for lip balm ends here. This five minutes do it yourself homemade lip balm will help you not just pucker up your lucky lips but also get you smooth, luscious and kissable lips. This homemade lip balm will soothe and protect your lips naturally. This is one of the very easy and simple lip balm recipes that will provide your lips with natural moisture

bangs for wavy hair

The new hairstyles trends have got all of us experimenting with new hairstyles and haircuts. From pixie haircut to bob to long hair to bangs, females just can’t get enough of different hairstyles. The return of the bangs is a new and exciting addition to the hairstyle world. Today I am going to show you five do it yourself ways to wear bangs in just five minutes. Gone are the

how to get rid of hip pain in just five minutes

Americans spend somewhere around $50 billion dollars every year in physicians visits and rehab for hip pain treatments. This post doesn’t advice you to go see a particular specialist who will provide you with a miraculous relief from hip pain or name various surgeries and or injections to get rid of hip pain. This doesn’t mean that I am refraining you from a doctor or qualified or medical professional; you

how to cut your own hair at home in just five minutes

There are many people who enjoy taking trips to the salon or barber shop for various beauty related purposes. While there are many people who don’t feel the same and they would rather stay at home and get things done on their own. In this post you will learn how to cut your own hair at home in just five minutes. This do it yourself hairstyling project will help you

do it yourself beauty treatments

Nothing looks more interesting than changing the way you look and feel with attractive beauty products. But your love interest for your beauty products must also match your pocket, hence keeping the same in mind I have come up with these amazing do it yourself beauty tips with which you can play with your look. Be it glam or natural, looking good is all that really matters and what more