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Homemade liquid laundry soap in 5 minutes

5 minutes homemade liquid laundry soap is super easy to make and smells great. This easy liquid soap. It is easy to use and is quite effective in one’s laundry. Use your favorite essential oil to so that your clothes smells good. Make your own homemade liquid laundry soap in just 5 minutes. Things needed: Borax 3/4 cup Washing Soda 3/4 cup Original Blue Dawn Dish soap 3/4 cup Lavender


5-minute eggless chocolate mousse is a super simple and easy dessert. A creamy eggless mouse is a perfect to share with family and friends.  Prep time: 5 minutes Yields: 4-6 servings Ingredients: Water 1/4 cup Granulated sugar 3 tbsp Coarsely chopped dark chocolate 200 grams Dark rum 1/2 tbsp Heavy whipping cream 1 cup Instant coffee 1 tsp Instructions: In a large bowl place coarsely chopped dark chocolate. Add water

5 minutes tips for crafting with children

Craft activities with young children, it not sounds good for parents because many parents dread this idea. This issue is just because of mess or serious parental input. However, craft activities are good for children, because it allows children confidence, encourage to explore things and make them creative. So, as a parent don’t feel irritated but allow your children to do things what they want and do craft specific activities

Learn to get more juice from lemon in just 5 minutes

It is harder to squeeze out lemon juice directly when you take lemon out of the refrigerator. My friend told me to get more juice from lemon, you have to microwave lemon for 20 seconds, it sounds funny to me, but seriously it is not. It really works. It is easier to squeeze juice from microwave lemon. Total time: 5 minutes Things needed: microwave lemons bottle. What to do: To

5 minutes Cotton Candy Affogato

Voila! my winter vacation is for cotton candy affogato. It is basically a goliath scoop of ice cream finished with cotton sweet. There are numerous types of affogato, but ice cream and espresso a delightful mixture, yummy! Total Time: 5 Minutes Ingredients:         Ice cream 1 scoop Cotton candy Espresso 1 shot instructions: Put Ice Cream In A Cup And Then Use Cotton Candy For Topping. Now Pour Shot Of Espresso

Hanging Bubbly Ball in 5 minutes

These hanging bubbly ball are ideal for new year’s Eve bash. They might look amazing when we hang them to the top of wine glasses decor. Make new year more memorable this year. Wish you all happy new year. Things needed: o Curved upholstery needle o Monofilament o foam ball o Pencil o baking cups o Hot-glue gun o Ribbon o Removable adhesive hooks Directions: Use the needle to string

5 minutes Candy can and berry little cocktails for new year celebration

Candy can and berry little are perfect cocktails for new year celebration and you can make this in just 5 minutes: 1: Candy can cocktail: ingredients: Strawberry vodka 2 ounces White crème de menthe 4 dashes Cranberry juice 2 1/2 ounces Ice cubes crushed candy can 1 instructions: First, in a cocktail shaker, pour Strawberry vodka, creme de menthe, cranberry juice and ice cubes. Now shake it well, so that

5 Minute Salad Dressing

In almost every house there are common recipes that are passed down through generations. Every fridge contains a couple of salad dressing bottles that are overloaded with fake food ingredients. A fresh salad deserves a fresh dressing so try homemade salad dressing. The best part of it is that it has no article preservative and it taste sweet, sharp and tart all in one. Impress your family and friends with

Starbucks Frappuccino in 5 minutes

Holidays are almost here, so enjoy your winter holidays with these Starbucks Frappuccino. We all fall in love with blended beverages. Give it a try and you will love this! Happy holidays… 1: Caramel Frappuccino: Ingredients: Ice Regular cream/milk ½ cup Sweet condensed milk 3 tablespoons Caramel sauce 1/3 cup Strong coffee ¾ cup Whipping cream Blender Method: To make Frappuccino you need a blender and pour coffee, milk and

fresh fruit salad

Oh yeah! I know how simple it is to open a can of fruit cocktail and get yourself a serving of instant fruit salad, but trust me nothing tastes better than refreshing flavor of this easy and simple fresh fruit salad recipe. Health and fitness comes first for all of us and in today’s date and time any extra calorie is just not acceptable by any of us. Keeping the

yummy grilled sandwich

 This post is especially for the non-cooks or the times when you do not feel like cooking. This is an easy and simple cheese sandwich ready in just five minutes. Food recipes don’t always have to be complicated and time consuming, our healthy vegetable sandwich recipe here is the perfect example which you can make at home in just five minutes. This recipe will help you prepare a quick breakfast

grow hair naturally

Hi friends, I am back with some very helpful and most effective hair care tips. Hair care is a very important section of beauty tips. Today, in my beauty tips section I will tell you in just five minutes how to get naturally long, strong and healthy hair. Females who have their long hair cascading down their waist look very attractive and alluring. This post here will provide you with