how to apply cat eye makeup in just five minutes

Top Hollywood Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Zooey Deschanel and Rihanna have rocked the cat eye makeup look on the red carpet many times. Today I will share with you eye makeup tutorial where you will learn to do cat eye makeup like a pro. Cat eyes for sure is a retro makeup trend that gives you a sexy, chic and yet a sophisticated elegance. Celebrities, makeup artists and common people

How To Do Romantic Eye Makeup In Just Five Minutes

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, regardless of the fact whether or not you’re seeing someone. On this day, indulge yourself by being a little bit more romantic. Gifting yourself something made of silk or flowers on your way home are small treats that feel perfect, and a box full of Godiva chocolates will pep your life. Mentioned here is step by step instruction on how to do romantic

how to get perfect eyebrows shapes in just five minutes

The hot makeup trends will only make you look presentable, the DIY prom hairstyles will suit your personality and spring eye makeup will make you look gorgeous, only if you have perfect eyebrows. Today in this post I will share with you five useful beauty tips on how to get perfect eyebrows without sacrificing their natural eyebrow shapes. Perfect eyebrows complete the total beauty of your face. Perfect eyebrows means

eye makeup trends for spring 2014

Make the most of this Easter and kick start Spring 2014 with a bang. Today in my five minutes DIY makeup I will share with you 5 amazing eye makeup tutorials that will take everybody by the storm. Here are five of the latest and newest eye shadow trends for Spring this year. Keep reading to learn how to do eye makeup in just five minutes to look hot and

selena gomez makeup tutorial

Selena Gomez, no doubt is one of the most attractive and cutie cute looking teen starlets in Tinsel town. Ever wondered what makes her look so pretty and fresh all the time, well today am going to share her makeup secrets with you and provide you with beauty tips that will make you look like her in just five minutes. Do your makeup like Selena Gomez by carrying these essentials

reduce under eyes dark circles

Dark circles under eyes look like bags under eyes and makes your eyes look puffy and full of wrinkles. Due to hyper-pigmentation under eyes, the area under eyes look darker than the skin around it and gives you puffy eyes and make dark circles appear in the area under eyes that surrounds it. Today, in this post, I will tell you how to get rid of dark circles under eyes

get longer lashes

Beautiful eyes are admired by people all over the world. Wider and brighter eyes give an attractive and seductive look. The latest in beauty trends is to get longer lashes and you can achieve it if you know how to curl eyelashes. The lash curler which is making rounds among makeup artists and consumers is Shu Uemura, it has soft rubber pad that holds curl properly and Shu Uemura also

how to do mad men makeup

The latest trend in fashion world is retro style makeup and 1960s beauty trend is reigning supreme. The retro look is back with a bang and its wild and hot look is smoldering the fashion world. Today I will provide you with a step-by-step instruction on how to do the Mad Men inspired retro/vintage makeup in just five minutes. The females during 1960s wore little makeup and yet they etched

how to do green smokey eyes makeup

Hi friends, this post brings you St. Patrick’s Day Smokey Spring Make up Tutorial For Women. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March annually by people all over the world generally and Ireland particularly. Irish people celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day because it marked the arrival of Christianity in Ireland through Saint Patrick. This Smokey Spring green video tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to make

how do make up eyes

This post will show you how to do the beautiful dark Arabic eye makeup. People all over the world make use of innumerable languages in order to communicate but it is not possible for one to master all the languages of the world. However there is one simple and most common language which is easily understood by all alike, regardless of their caste color or creed. This is the language

eye makeup for chinese

Chinese New Year is around the corner and let your eyes do the talking when you are out to enjoy the New Year Eve. Most of the Asian females face difficulty while apply eye makeup due to their mono-lid. Right makeup means knowing the right makeup techniques that will enhance the appeal of your eyes. One need to know that looking good is a must for all you beautiful girls

dramatic eyes makeup tutorial

Dramatic eye make up is one of the most popular eye makeup trends that add extra impact and seriousness to your eyes. It is also one of the hottest beauty trends at the moment and I am sure many of you would like to try the dramatic eyes look this New Years eve. Dramatic eye makeup can enhance your look for a variety of occasions and this is the reason