5 Minute DIY Hair-Strengthening Mask

This 5-minute hair strengthening mask is perfect for weak hair as it contains olive oil, lemon, honey, and rosemary. Olive oil is a nourishing ingredient, it simply nourishes your hair and makes them strong. While rosemary gives extra shine to your hair. Honey and eggs are both great restructuring ingredients. They are perfect for your hair as well as your skin. While, lemon is used to eradicate egg smell in

Choosing Mens Hairstyles

Metrosexual men of today are extremely keen on personal grooming than ever before. Just like women, if a man wears the right hair style then he can improve his appearance instantly. Just like proper clothing, right attitude, and special grooming, right type of hairstyles also matters to men. Choosing a hair style might look like a tough job but the end result will be worth all the hassle. Here in

how to get thicker hair in just five minutes

Today in this post I am going to answer 5 questions on how to get perfect blow out in just five minutes. The summer heat is on and it does more than just cause excessive oily scalp or dry hair, here are some cool hairstyle tips that will help you tackle the summer heat with much ease. The best thing about today’s hairstyle tips is that you learn how to

home remedies for oily hair

Every morning, you wash and style your hair, but it takes only a few short hours to make it look stringy and dirty. Just like millions of others out there, you too have oily hair. Today in this article I am going to share with you best home remedies for oil hair. These DIY home remedies for oily hair will take only five minutes to prepare and work. No need

home remedies for dry Hair

People with oily hair complain, but people with dry hair too are no all praises for their hair type. Dry hair looks dull and lifeless, and it doesn’t seem any different pre or post hair wash. Everyone has bad hair days, but with dry hair you may have perennial bad hair day problem. Today in this post I am going to share with you five minutes home remedies for dry

hair growth tips in just five minutes

The cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester of the Fox television show “Glee,” reveals that she puts down glee club mentor Will Schuster’s hair because she’s jealous. As a teenager, she bleached her hair using napalm, which damaged her scalp so severely that she’s been forced to keep short haircut ever since. However, for sure “Glee,” is just a television show, and Sue Sylvester’s napalmed scalp is fiction. But it only takes

home remedies for healthy hair and skin

This post includes top 10 beauty secrets and tips of using coconut oil on hair and skin. Not only does coconut oil stimulates hair growth but you can also use it to remove acne and get rid of dandruff. Followed are five minutes beauty secrets on how to use coconut oil on your hair and skin. There are many benefits of coconut oil, you can use it to remove acne,

health benefits of coconut

Coconut has many health benefits as well as hair benefits. Not only it stimulates hair growth but also protects the hair against harmful environmental factors. Use coconut oil in cooking to help promote glowing care, weight loss, healthy digestion, increased immunity, diabetes prevention and also heart diseases, these are only a few among other health benefits of coconut. Today, in this post I am going to share with you five

Color Your Hair At Home in Five Minute

    The principal use of hair dying is to cover gray hair but nowadays many women and men color their hair to alter their natural hair color, to create decorative effect and create highlights. Coloring the hair is probably the quickiest way to change your look and enhance your hairstyle. Some women choose to change their color entirely (from blond to brown) while others take a two-tone approach. Nowadays

how to get bouncy curls at home

How we all love to don new look ever so often and what better way to go for image makeover by doing some simple experiments at home with your hair. Today in this do it yourself beauty tips I am going to show you easy and simple step by step tutorial on how to curl hair at home with a flat iron in just five minutes. The best thing about

best hair care tips

Hi, friends! Today, in this post I am going to share with you five minutes basic hair care tips for all hair types. Basic hair care is very important to great self-esteem and self-confidence. Daily hair care need to be an important part of your beauty routine for it surely helps in putting the finishing touches on your appearance. Shinier longer hair that is full of life and silky smooth

grow hair naturally

Hi friends, I am back with some very helpful and most effective hair care tips. Hair care is a very important section of beauty tips. Today, in my beauty tips section I will tell you in just five minutes how to get naturally long, strong and healthy hair. Females who have their long hair cascading down their waist look very attractive and alluring. This post here will provide you with