The Bouffant Bun In Just 5 Minutes

Are you bored with your daily hair style and want some change then wrap your hair into a bouffant bun. Bouffant bun looks complicated but it is quite easy to make in just 5 minutes. This cute hairstyle simply  works as a hair band because it ties all of your hairs. It simply takes 5 minutes to make this unique and messy hairstyle. Thus, take 5 minutes out of your

Look Glam in Five Minute Hairstyle

  Every once in a while our unruly mane puts us in a spot, leaving us clueless about what to do with those rough tresses. If five minutes is all you have before going out there with your friends, to a party or a business meet, we have the quickest solutions for you. Knot it half up in minutes! Here’s something totally pretty for you. You can actually create this

french fishtail braid tutorials

Summer is the season when our hairstyles should match our surroundings. One of the best hairstyle ideas is French Fishtail braid that you can flaunt on the beach, day out, or outdoor wedding, this hairstyle will also go best with your spring fashion trends. French Fishtail braid is a beautiful hairstyle, plus many of you know how to do a Fishtail braid or a French braid separately…but not many of

11 Hairstyle Ideas in 5 Minutes

  1.Time-Saving Basics 1. Shower at night on the evening before a big day so you can let your hair air-dry overnight, saving you time in the morning. 2. A dry shampoo is a must-have. These formulas are the best way to refresh two- or three-day-old hair. 3. Headbands are another way to conceal oily roots and perk up flat hair. 4. If you have ultra-thick hair, try a product

Curly Hairstyle in Just 5 Minutes

  How to style curly hair This is my quick way to style curly hair when I want to wear it out. Wash your hair. Use a conditioning treatment, or leave your conditioner on for 3-5 minutes. Use a wide tooth comb or tangle teezer to get rid of any knots. This is the last time you will comb your hair. Comb gently, as wet hair is more prone to breakages.

how to wear bangs without cutting your hair

Bangs are a hot new haircuts trend right now. Today in this do it yourself video you will learn how to get bangs without cutting your hair. All you need to do is just get a clip-in bang piece and wear your bangs just the way you like. Check out our step-by-step video tutorial on how to get the fringe look yourself at home in just five minutes. To change

how to cut your own hair at home in just five minutes

There are many people who enjoy taking trips to the salon or barber shop for various beauty related purposes. While there are many people who don’t feel the same and they would rather stay at home and get things done on their own. In this post you will learn how to cut your own hair at home in just five minutes. This do it yourself hairstyling project will help you

easy and simple wedding hairstyle

Hi everybody, once again I am back with an amazing wedding hairstyle tutorial that you can do on your own. This easy and simple wedding hair video tutorial will show you how you can do a beautiful hair updo that will make you look great. I love the makeup, fashion and hairstyle tutorials here at just in five minutes so very much that every other day I have to apply

valentine's day hairstyle

Hi, today in our fashion section I have one of the latest trends in hairstyle for all you glam dolls out there. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fashion freak or not but you must surely keep this hairstyle in mind coming Valentine’s Day. This “Walk The Line” hairstyle will suit you perfectly regardless of the occasion or place, it is both formal and stylish. You can wear it

how to do a 5 minute homecoming updo

This is a video tutorial where you will learn how to do a homecoming updo in just 5 minutes. There seems to be no end to fashion fiesta and it really is very important to try new and unique look everyday. You can’t wear the same hairstyle everyday and since the updos are in then it seems only fair to learn the different ways you can style your hair. Take

dying your hair with washable markers

There are so many of you out there who have a way of expressing yourselves by dyeing your hair. But in case if you are running low on your budgets then you may not feel like risking spending your money on dyes for the fear what if it doesn’t turn out right, or don’t know if you’ll like the color you buy. Here is a great way of dyeing your