5 Minute Ponytail Routine

Cute and simple hairstyles are one of the accessories women must know. It helps you to have a sexy and dashing looks. We women are always anxious about our look so after makeup or dressing, we want to secure hair in unique styles. Here is 5-minute ponytail routine that doubles up your charm and makes your look prettier. Things you’ll need: Hair brush Bobby pins Hair band Alligator clips Method:

Your hair can increase your productivity just in 5 minutes

According to Glen Cook “Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day”. Waking up in the morning and leaving your warm bed is not an easy task. While lying on bed we usually think to sleep more but when we are running out of time we don’t know what to do. We are unable to give a perfect look to ourselves.

choosing curly hairstyles

Many at times, it looks like quite a challenge to choose a haircut that suits both your hair type and your lifestyle. It is especially difficult with those who have curly hair. Curly hair particularly has a mind of its own and often keeps changing in texture and control from day to day, so it is very important to choose a workable hairstyle for curly hair. Keep reading to learn how

Five Minute Holidays Hairstyles

As an escort, you probably spend a lot of time washing, drying, styling, colouring, cutting and dealing with your hair and when you go on holiday, it’s nice to just take a break from all that preening and relax. However, at the same time, you have standards to uphold and want to look good, right? Well, with these easy hairstyles you can. Forget about packing a hairdryer and bottles of

5 Trendy Braid Hairstyles in 5 Minute

Braids are a trendy way to cover up unruly or unwashed tresses. They look stylish and also help manage hair better when you don’t want to leave them open. There are several kinds of braids you can try. Here are five such styles. French braid fringe This braid is very easy to make. It hardly takes a couple of minutes and you don’t need much hair accessories apart from an

trendy hairstyle ideas for modern women

Read this post and take your pick from different women’s hairstyles like beachy waves, all-out spirals or sleek, straight strands, I have included them all here. Now you can get ready every morning with hot and pretty hairstyles in just five minutes. I have listed new tools and techniques that will get the job of creating DIY women’s hairstyles in just five minutes. Earlier there were two options for styling

chignon prom hairstyles in just five minutes

Prom is definitely one of the most exciting occasions in the life of high school girls. The dress, the shoes, the makeup, the date, and of course the hair have to be just perfect! Here are five easy and simple do it yourself hairstyles for prom that will help you save a few bucks. On prom night, you would definitely want to look your very best, well who doesn’t! Keep

Blowout Hairstyles in Five Minute

  It’s Time to Turn Heads You love the polished finish of a great blowout, but let’s be real: Who has the time? With your crazy schedule, it’s a miracle if you can wash your hair, let alone dry it. So we tapped one of New York City’s speediest stylists, Christopher Marrero, who cranks out as many as 14 blow-dries a day at DreamDry, a blow-dry bar. He shared his time-saving tips

Five Minute Hairstyles

  We all have those mornings when we sleep through the alarm and have five minutes to get out the door. Does this give us time to put ourselves together and still have a decent hair day? Sure — and better than decent, says celebrity hair stylist Ryan Nickulas, owner of Ryan Darius Salon, who shares some quick ways to do your hair fast. WAVES What’s summer without a few romantic waves?

5 Minute Hairstyles for Any Length

  While celebrities have hairstylists at their beck and call, in the real world, most of us can only rely on ourselves to go from bedhead to beautiful. Hectic mornings leave little time for intricate hairdos, but luckily there are a number of styles that look perfectly chic, with minimal effort required. The next time you are in a rush, try one of these quick and easy hairstyles and prevent

haircut that makes you look thinner

Every time I go to a hairstylist, my one and only earnest request there is “Make me look thinner,” and I am sure, just like me, many of you out there have the same request. The first thing that strikes the mind of a slightly plump person sitting in a salon chair, staring at the hair stylist in the mirror is how can this person transform your face from plump

how to get no-heat hairstyles at home

Too much of heat damages the quality of hair and turns it dry, frizzy along with split ends. Today in this post I am going to share with you easy and simple do it yourself hairstyles where you will learn a few tips for styling air-dried hair with minimum product. There are certain lucky beings who get perfectly air dried hair without a touch of hair dryer or any other