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5-minute secrets to get rid of acne scars with lemon

  One of the best sayings I heard from my elders is of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, According to him “precaution is better than cure“. I agreed with this phrase because it advises us to take certain steps to keep us away from  all sort of dangers. We all are busy in our daily routine and we don’t have time to take care of  our health and skin and finally,

tips to curb the hiccups in 5 minutes

“Hiccup” word first use in 1530, the imitation of natural sounds by words. Cambridge English dictionary defines hiccups as a “loud noise that you make in the ​throat without wanting to, ​caused by a ​sudden tightening of muscles just below the ​chest and usually ​happening repeatedly”. Basically, hiccups are caused by tightening of the diaphragm muscles and it repeats several times per minutes. This irritating problem is caused by reflection reaction of nerves and due

Know Ear infection remedy in 5 minutes

The pain of an earache is sharp and unbearable; it is often caused by the bacterial and viral infection that affects middle ear. An earache is most common in children but it may occur at any stage. There are many methods but all are not effective for the ear infection so in this article I am going to share natural remedies for ear infection. Natural home remedies to treat an

how to cure a cough

Most of the common cough is harmless, but if you can’t stop coughing then it is one of the signs of a more serious illness.  Here I have mentioned the reasons why we cough and how to stop a cough with a few simple home remedies. Irritating, loud, and disturbing, a persistent cough can hamper your daily routine. Coughs can be defined by their longevity. A brief cough is caused

how to treat canker sores

The size of a canker sore can be as small as a pencil eraser, but it is definitely very hard to ignore it. You can feel the discomfort caused by canker sores whenever you eat or drink. Its good that such skin problems last for a fairly short time and there are a few home remedies you can employ to find some temporary relief in just five minutes. To begin

migraine home remedies

Migraines are skull crushing, head splitting abominable headaches and only migraine sufferers know what they go through once they are under attack. Today in this article I have mentioned home remedies for migraines that will do the trick in just five minutes. But do keep in mind that chances are a trick or two mentioned in this list will help you get rid of migraine headaches for the time being

how to treat allergies at home

Do you suffer from runny nose, red eyes, and the frustrating sensation of not being able to sneeze? As the pollen count rises and the weather warms up one thing is bound to happen… allergies. Today in this article I am going to share with you five minutes DIY home remedies for allergies and mind you it does not include local raw honey only, which so far has been the

Curb Cold & Cough Home Remedies

1. Steam: If your little one suffers from cold and has trouble breathing, get him/her to take steam. Make the kid stand in the bathroom with hot water running or simply heat water in a wide bowl and make the kid inhale the hot fumes for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Adding eucalyptus oil can also help soothe your child’s system. 2. Honey: Known for its soothing effect, dip

5 Minute Home Remedies to Fight Obesity

Obesity is a common problem these days, thanks to our almost sedentary lifestyle. It is the condition where in a person has excess body fat which results in health problems and other physiological disorders. Obesity has been classified as a disease in many countries and is a leading preventable cause of many other diseases. When there are so many ill effects related to obesity, it becomes important to take the

5 Minute Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Burn unwanted calories by increasing metabolism and the most natural way to weight loss is home remedy. There are several home remedies that speed up metabolism and induces fat loss. Dr.Asmita Sawe, Managing Director and Nutritionist at Rejoice Wellness lists out top home remedies for you forweight loss. Water: Dr.Asmita Sawe suggests consuming, “3 litres of water every day except for clients who have specific renal system diseases”. Water also

Five Minute Home Remedies For Peeling Skin

The peeling skin problem is seen in those who are having dry skin. This makes one think about the ways to keep the skin healthy and normal. Skin being too oily or too dry will cause many problems. Choosing the medication which is available in the market might not be choice for these things as they can be easily treated at home. Some of the home remedies will give the expected result easily.

5 Minute Home Remedies To Reduce Face Acne

Your face is the reflection of your inner beauty and reason to attract the people by your naturally clear fair complexion. But it looks bad and gloomy when acne appears on it. Acne display unwelcome appearance and give an annoying impression on your face. It badly damages your skin and leaves spots and scares on it which becomes the reason of inferiority complex. This reason has been raised under teen