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Fall Makeup Tips in 5 Minute

When hot summer days are left far behind and you can forget about melting mascara and smearing liners, it’s time to look for some fresh fall makeup ideas. After all, you cannot wear the same makeup you had in summer during the autumn months. I love fall makeup since it’s all about heavy dramatic eyes, bold lips and warm natural hues. The magnificent colors of the season offer a great

makeup tips for oval face shapes

Different people have different face shapes, have you ever thought what shape is your face? Many of us wrongly assume that all face shapes are basically round, contrary to this belief there are five basic face shapes: heart, oblong (long), oval, round and square. So, get rid of your wrong assumptions about face shapes. Today in this post I am going to share with you how to determine your face

Five Minute Long Lasting Makeup Tips

It’s great to have your facial features defined with some stunning make-up. It’s not quite ideal when it washes out or fades away in no time, while you are out dealing with a hectic day. We tell you how you can ensure your make-up lasts longer, saving yourself from looking worn out just within a few hours. Exfoliate Before you begin applying make-up for the day, your skin has to be

best makeup for eyes

It goes without saying that the best makeup on earth is MAC makeup, without doubt. MAC is the short form of Make-up Art Cosmetics, which was founded in the year 1985 by two professional photographers named Frank Toskan (fashion photographer) and Frank Angelo (salon chain owner) in Toronto, Canada. MAC’s first stand-alone store opened in Greenwich Village in 1991. It was the creative vision of these two men that made

how to look beautiful naturally

During rush hour or somewhere formal, a no makeup makeup look is the perfect choice. Natural looking makeup tips doesn’t involve applying loads of makeup essentials and a ton of effort but trust me a no makeup makeup look makes you look good, natural and makes you stand out with its overall bare beauty look. The best thing about no makeup look is that you look beautiful naturally. Less makeup

Five Minute Makeup Tips

  The demands of women in the modern era that resulted in their having greater mobility, forcing them to more effectively utilize the time as well as in terms ofmakeup. Women today have a wide range of professions that they are so time-consuming, but even if they are busy does not mean a woman appeared with what it is in a sense if it was midday tired look greasy, lethargic tired, so it has an attractiveappearance. Under normal conditions, the average woman takes 30 minutes to 1hour for makeup if a chore is clear it is difficult to be met. Then the following is a quickmakeup tips that only takes 5 minutes. Clean the face with a special cleanser for the face. Besides aiming to remove dirt, this is addressed in order to make up more durable stick to the skin.  Apply foundation on

eye makeup tips and tricks for blue eyes

Blue eyes do hypnotise and you are lucky if you are gifted with blue eyes. Today in this post I am going to share with you best eye shadow color tips and tricks for blue eyes that will help you make the most of your natural beauty in just five minutes. This post consists of tips on how to choose best eyeshadow for blues, eye makeup tutorial for blues, smokey

Five Minute Bridal Makeup & Skin Care Tips

  Skin Whitening Facial steps or procedures: First step is to cleanse your face for five minutes then clean your face via using a sponge and wash it. Do cleansing and dip your face again and again in water. Use scrub after cleansing and start from the neck and then do it properly on face until smooth can occur on your face. Apricot is one of the special and demanded

Five Minute Bridal Makeup Tips

  Are you planning to marry and want to choose best such as Bridal dress, makeup products, jewellery and shoes is more difficult for yourself than some other bride. For Bridal makeup you will need a well-known and professional beauty consultant who knows that how to deal each and every thing is properly.  You have also needed to employ some useful home made and organic beauty tips. By nature every

Five Minute Makeup Tips

  Part of making my “comeback” includes making sure I don’t go out in public looking like a zombie. Most moms do it once in a while. I am often guilty during school drop-off when I think no one can see me in my car. Other than that, I’m trying to put on a fresh face for the world to see. As with most busy moms, I don’t want to

Five Minute Valentine Makeup Tips

    Valentine’s Day is Sunday, so you probably have yourself a hot date this weekend. If you’ve made the dinner or theatre reservations and picked out the perfect outfit, but you’re wondering how to make your makeup special for this “love”ly holiday, here are some tips from makeup artist, Christopher Drummond.   To feel more romantic, use naturally scented lip products. If you are hesitant to wear bright red lipstick,

New Year’s Eve Makeup Tips in Five Minutes

  Even though December brings us a lot of joy and excitement, this month is also filled with a rush of getting ready for holidays: gifts, decorations, cooking, etc. In addition, we are in a hurry to find the perfect outfit or a dress for New Year’s Eve. In this holiday rush of events, however, we sometimes forget about our makeup for the biggest night of the year. Treating your