makeup remover wipes

Homemade makeup remover pads are an easy way to remove your makeup. It is a perfect pairing of coconut oil, baby wash, essential oil, and pads. For years, coconut oil is mostly used to remove makeup. to It also helps to kill bacteria and allows your skin a refreshing look. This 5 minute DIY is an easy way to preserve the wipes little longer. These nourishing cleansing pads are fun and

Basic 5 Minute Makeup

Every day we wear makeup to enhance our daily look. But when we are running out of time it becomes difficult for us to do routine makeup. We simply skip our breakfast to do makeup. But now you can have your breakfast and makeup in a less time. Do watch this video and start doing makeup in just 5 minutes. You will be pleased to see this general everyday makeup

how to apply makeup on the new year

The New Year’s Eve is only a few days away and the preparation for the event is in its full swing. So I decided on writing an article that will help you with best makeup tips for the Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. Read this post before you throw on the entire contents of your makeup bag, take a look at makeup for what it really is meant for

5 Minute Makeup Guide

All women want to look good, and makeup is the best and easiest way for most women to upgrade their beauty. When makeup is used properly it can be a very powerful tool in a woman’s arsenal. Knowing how to access your requirements and apply makeup according to the occasion is imperative. What should every woman have? How should you take care of your brushes? Where should you store your

7 Makeup Steps in Five Minute

1. Avoid wearing too much Makeup is meant to enhance features not bring negative attention to you. That’s what wearing too much makeup will do; it will bring you unwanted attention. Don’t wear too much of anything such as: i) Eyeliner: dark, thick eyeliner will make you look overdone and will ruin the rest of your makeup. ii) Mascara: too much mascara looks fake and will flake. It looks especially

how to do face contouring of square shaped face

There’s simply a lot that can be said in favor of the square face. Wide-set eyes and broad forehead are considered to be the signs of intelligence. The perfect example of a square face is the strong willed Katherine Hepburn with her square jaw. The expanse between the temples is set far apart which makes the eyes kind of get lost in them. With a prominent jowl these types of

how to do makeup for round face shapes

Buccal fat causes fullness in the face. The main area of these fatty deposits lies deep in the cheeks near the mouth. All those who are genetically blessed with generous amounts of buccal fat, are actually the last ones at the class reunion to look their age, as it helps delay the onset of wrinkles and frown lines. On the other hand, these deposits are the proof that you have

how to do makeup for heart shaped face

To add definition and sculpt the face, professional makeup artists and stage performers have long relied on contouring as a part of their makeup for defining different face shapes. Common to all makeup techniques, contouring helps women define the facial features they like best while drawing attention away from those they don’t want others to notice. Proper application of contouring technique can change the entire shape of your face, bringing

Five Minute Makeup in 5 Simple Steps

If you’re always pressed for time and just can’t spare much to apply your morning makeup, or have a habit of over-sleeping but cant imagine the thought of walking into work without somemakeup on your face, this may just be the coolest makeup routine ever a.k.a your new morning bestie. Of course, you will need to the right tools to perform a full face of makeup in just 3 minutes so next

How To Do Romantic Eye Makeup In Just Five Minutes

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, regardless of the fact whether or not you’re seeing someone. On this day, indulge yourself by being a little bit more romantic. Gifting yourself something made of silk or flowers on your way home are small treats that feel perfect, and a box full of Godiva chocolates will pep your life. Mentioned here is step by step instruction on how to do romantic

how to minimize pores on skin

Do you have large pores? Are there disgusting enlarged pores/ large pores on nose? Read the post to find out effective beauty tips mentioned here that will help minimize pores in just five minutes. The beauty tips mentioned here will explain how to shrink pores and reduce pore size. Also includes tips on how to get beautiful flawless skin in just five minutes. Relentless Care Your heredity and skin type

Five Minute Makeup for Office

  Modern women have a plethora of responsibilities at home and at work to handle and yet many of them manage to look picture perfect through out the day. And these women understand that it is important to look your best without letting your stressful office responsibilities get the better of you. In simple words, you need makeup that will be your best friend and help you in looking your