how to do solar nails

Solar nails are not that different from acrylic nails. It is a common notion that solar nails are cheaper, stronger and last longer than acrylic nails. Solar nails are an upgrade version of the acrylic nails and for long they would have thrown the acrylic nail designs out of business and made it turn it into a thing of past. Solar nails are actually a combination nail art design of white and

how to do creative nail art designs in just five minutes

Spring has already set in and the nature is in its full bloom. Followed by our Spring eye makeup and Spring fashion trends, I present to you awesome nail art ideas to make your spring more colorful and flamboyant. The awesome DIY nail art designs will fill you with inspiration for manicure magic. Learn how to do nail art in just five minutes with easy and simple DIY nail designs

Manicure in Just 5 Minutes

    In our busy contemporary life finding time for oneself is very difficult therefore it is no wonder that many women do not have the time to invest into caring for smaller details of their image, such as the hands and nails. The way our hands look can speak volumes about us, about who we are, our character and personality. They are often a factor in other people’s first

how to do patriotic nail design

Celebrate 4th of July with this DIY stars and stripes patriotic nail art design. Today I am going to provide you with a step by step guide on how to do a 4th of July stars and stripes nail art design in just five minutes. Grab your manicure kit and get set go to show your patriotism with this rocking red, pristine white and romantic blue for the Fourth of

how to stop nail biting

You are not the only one who has this bad habit of biting nails. Many people who bite nails have their own queer reasons for doing so. The reasons for biting nails can be stress, boredom or a need for comfort. There is a group of extremely lazy beings who tend to bite their nails when their nail grows too long or just gnaw at dead skin around their cuticles.

acrylic 3D flower on gel nails

Celebrity nail trends are quite a rage among the style conscious females all over the world. The latest among nail art design trends is the 3D gel nails. Today in this do it yourself video I will give you a step by step tutorial on how to get celebrity nail trend or 3D gel nails in just five minutes. 3D nails are basically covered with crystals, glitter and other 3D

peel off acrylic nails

Acrylic nails designs glued onto finger as well as toe nails look wonderful. Acrylic nails designs are an absolute life saver for most of the women who have weak nails or nails that just don’t grow well naturally. Acrylic nails are synthetic fiber and they look great & fabulous. It is very expensive to get acrylic nails at the saloon by professional nail artists or manicurists, as is having them

diy manicure at home

Once upon a time, a beautifully manicured hand used to belong exclusively to celebrities and women with enough money to spend on professional manicure every week. Not anymore, time changes trend and with changing time manicure and pedicure is no more considered as luxury but is an important part of daily grooming as beauty and nails go hand in hand. Today, in this post on beauty and nails, I will

newspaper nail art design

To add a mature look to your nails, you can polish it using newspapers. Moreover it will also give you chip free nails and your nail beds will not yellow. This is a fun DIY project and you will love the way your nails will look once you are done with it. Here are step by step instructions on how to paint newspaper nails in just 5 minutes. Things you’ll

henna nail polish

The right organic beauty products can easily paint your nails. These herbal products sans harmful chemicals will take care of your nails. They won’t even hurt your nails. Here is how you can make organic nail polish with organic ingredients in amazing colors. Here is how. Things you’ll need: Henna powder Warm water Nail polish brush Directions: In a small bowl, put a small amount of Henna powder and add

nail art tips

Do you know that you can create amazing nail art designs using needles? We all know that toothpicks are more commonly used in nail art but in order to create intricate designs, needles can be used too. To create sketches or painting profiles on your fingernails, a needle is the best tool that we can use. Today I will give a step by step detailed instruction on how you can