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True love, what exactly is true love? Does it really exist?? Yes two people living together harmoniously over a prolonged period of time develop a strong attachment known as true love. But what if the same type of attachment develops between two people meeting for the first time? Can it be called true love or mere physical attraction or in carnal terms just LUST?? Most of the people will say

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Love potions are one of the most popular urban legends scattered through human history for centuries and steeped in deep mysteries. But as time changed and we stepped into modern times, we noticed that many remedies have been discarded and tossed aside, however we also learned that there are some that hold merit. It so happens that it has been proven that there are odors that can work like magic

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Break up and disappointment in love exists in large numbers in the field of music, poetry and almost all aspects of every day life. After all, apart from death, break ups leave one with a broken heart as they are definitely one of the saddest parts of life. After facing failure in what you thought to be a love of a lifetime, it becomes very difficult to trust someone else

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Relationship is a relationship that you want to treasure, be it with your high school sweetheart, best friend or with a long distance lover. Today in this post I am going to share with you relationship tips that will help you mend a broken heart before you fall into depression. Once, Bess Myerson wrote that “to fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply

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The Romans were far ahead in likening true love for they preferred to getting shot in the heart with Cupid’s arrow. Anyone shot by the arrow went into a trance, quite like a drug-induced euphoria. Those that have experienced true love know about the accuracy and truth of the arrow metaphor. Love is love be it long distance or to the boy/girl next door. Love is something that fills your

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Social networking is embracing the planet. Facebook has been the world leader of social network sites for almost a decade; but what if your relationship has been affected with the platform? Over the years the company has made a lot of changes as far as security and advertising are concerned which frankly have irritated a lot of people. Many have even deactivated their Facebook account due to this, but slowly

How to make diy hearts valentine's friendship bracelets

The best gifts you can gift to yourself, your family and friends are DIY friendship bracelets. Today in this post I am going to share with you 5 different friendship bracelets pattern and also show step by step instructions on how to make friendship bracelets at home in just five minutes. Friendship bracelets are by far the best gift ideas for any type of romantic event, be it a date,

Romantic date ideas in just five minutes

Have you ever read one of those guides on how to have a romantic date ideas? More than often they chalk out ambitious scenarios. A bookish perfect date atmosphere will be more like a remote controlled situation than intimate togetherness with your sweetheart. If you’re more in the simple, natural and truly romantic scene then you are surely at the right place. Here I am going to share with you 5

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The key to the gateway of being a better human being is by loving your fellow beings. Today in this post I am going to share with amazing and interesting facts about love. I have also noted down some thought-provoking ideas about love and relationships. Read this post for five minutes and know the power of supreme emotion called LOVE. This article will also help you understand how love affects

how to know if you are in abusive relationship

No matter how hard you try to hide but if you’re being abused, you must know it for sure. But that’s a commonly held misconception. Abuse is not only all about physical violence but it is more of power and controlling the relationship. An abuser is always the one who makes the victim feel as if it’s his or her fault. This is known as manipulation. Manipulation means confusion and

Protect Your Relationship During Conflict in 5 Minute

  If you can agree on rules before you’re in an argument, you can avoid things turning really ugly.  Of course, rules don’t remove the emotions or solve the problem; instead, they make the disagreement manageable by setting the stage for constructive communication. Finally, rules allow the real issues to be uncovered much faster. Here are 5 things we suggest to keep in mind to protect your relationship during a

Five Minute Relationship in Management

  Relationships between organisations such as partnerships, alliances and collaboratives, are a prevalent way of working in these days of globalised, outsourced and specialised networks of organisations.  Whether in the public or private sectors they are notoriously hard to manage and the results of failures can be extremely serious.  As a result of working together something is created that could not have been achieved by the individual firms working on