Learning SQL For Beginners

Today in this post I am going to share with you useful tips that will help you learn SQL basics by which you can start writing queries right away. Structured Query Language is popularly known as SQL. Oracle SQL is a programming language and not an application. This language is used to communicate with databases and analyze data as well. Before you learn to use Oracle SQL, you’d first need

SQL injection tutorial

This post will show you how to learn SQL (Structured Query Language) injection for beginners in just five minutes. This article is very informative and helpful for hackers. For the beginners, the best browser recommended for this tutorial would be google chrome. What is SQL Injection? SQL injection is the most popular method of hacking. This method will help you earn unauthorized access to the database of any website. The

unclogging a toilet in just five minutes

It’s such a horrible feeling when you flush the toilet and the contents in the bowl do not disappear halfway through the flushing process. To make the matter turn from bad to worse is the possibility of not having a plunger or snake handy to force the clog down the drain. Today in this post I am going to show you how common household items from your kitchen or closet

How To convert pdf to image in just five minutes

PDF or Portable Document Format is the most popular and DIY user friendly way to keep image and text documents in one place. The greatest attribute of PDFs that makes it worthy and popular is that that it can be accessed from almost all computers, Smartphones, tablets and other technical devices. However, there are times when it becomes a necessity to convert all PDF into an image or jpg format

how to disable autoplay media

Nothing is more annoying than websites that automatically play media, it doesn’t matter whether you’re at work or in class, autoplay media is both embarrassing and distracting. Firstly you’re naturally distracted by this sudden intrusion and on top of it everybody else staring at you worsens the already distressing situation. Worry no more, I am here to share the good news with you, to day I will tell you how

make an iPhone case at home

An iPhone needs to be protected and many of you buy a brand new case from a store to protect your iPhone. Well, now you don’t need to spend anything extra for an already expensive iPhone, today I will show you how recycle an old juice box to an innovative iPhone case. This iPhone case will take only five minutes, it is really very simple and easy, read the full

how to make fringe scarf

There are times when people add fringe to their knitted works. Fringe makes your scarves, blankets, shawls, etc., look so much better and attractive. Today I am going to show you how to make fringe for your scarf. You can add these cute fringes to your scarf, hanky and your dress too, trust me these fringes will make your piece look awesome. Follow the step by step instruction given below

how to bathe a cat

Hi friends, today in this post I will provide you with a step a by step tutorial on how to give a cat a bath in an easy and simple way. Cats are beautiful pets but the task of giving them a bath is really tough for they harbor such a longstanding hatred and fear of water. However we need to bathe our cats for their own good health and

block unwanted calls

Hello friends, today in this video tutorial I will show how to block a phone number so that you don’t receive unnecessary calls. Many at times we find ourselves in a situation where we constantly receive countless calls from unknown callers or persistent and irritating telemarketers or clinging and whining ex boyfriend or girlfriend. There are different ways to handle unwanted calls and block a phone number. Here I have

capture an image

This video tutorial here will show you how to take a screenshot or capture the image on your computer screen so that you can easily save it on your system or share it with others. There are several keyboard combinations that will help you to take screenshots in Mac OS X. These commands are handled by SystemUIServer process. It is really very simple to take a screen shot on your

paper art tutorial

This is an amazing DIY little paper stars tutorials that can be used as decorative piece. These 3D paper stars are very easy and simple to make. This is also a very useful DIY project because here you will learn to recycle all your junk mail into a very colorful and interesting multi-purpose decorative artifact. Read the whole post to go through the paper art tutorial, I have provided you

easter egg diy

Happy Easter everyone!! Today I am going to provide you with a unique DIY idea of kids crafts. This Easter gift your kids papier mache heart shaped Easter eggs that are filled with candy and toys. This is a very easy and simple “do it yourself” tutorial where I will show you how to make papier-mache heart shaped Easter eggs for your children. You can make these cute and adorable