The Bouffant Bun In Just 5 Minutes

The Bouffant Bun In Just 5 Minutes

Are you bored with your daily hair style and want some change then wrap your hair into a bouffant bun. Bouffant bun looks complicated but it is quite easy to make in just 5 minutes. This cute hairstyle simply  works as a hair band because it ties all of your hairs. It simply takes 5 minutes to make this unique and messy hairstyle. Thus, take 5 minutes out of your busy morning and make this bouffant bun to change your daily look.

Things required:

  • Tail comb Hairband
  • Hairband
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clip
  • Hairspray


  1. Take a start with a rough hair. Now to section your hair, put a finger by your ear and draw a vertical line from one end to another. Tie front section with a clip.
  2. Now take other section of hair and roughly pull it up high on your head into a messy ponytail. Take hairband and pull our hair all the way through the hair tie while leaving the last inches of hair out. It makes a big loop of hair when you will twist the hair tie.
  3. With your fingers take the middle of the big loop of hair through the ponytail and then pull the hair tie half over smashed bun of hair. Twist your hair one more time and then pull the hair tie all the way over to the other side. Now you are left with a messy knot and then use bobby pins to secure the ends.
  4. Unclip your front section of hair and split in half, then again split both halves in half. Comb one of your bottom section of hair to smooth it and wrap it under and around the bun and then secure it ends with bobby pins. Take other bottom section of hair and repeat.
  5. Now take front section of hair and move it diagonally over your head towards the opposite of your bun and  go around coming back up around and secure ends with bobby pins.
  6. Take another front section and using your fingers fluff it out the top and then spray with good hair spray. Here you’re all done!
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