Wish Bracelets In Just 5 Minutes

Wish Bracelets In Just 5 Minutes

Wish bracelet is easy DIY fun project. This bracelet is a cheap, easy and fun project to make wish bracelet. This article will tell you know how to make stylish and trendy bracelets with hem twine and seven beads in just five minutes. Wish bracelet is amazing, as it is said that before wearing wish bracelet make a wish. Thus, make this bracelet as amazing and fun DIY gifts to yourself, your family, friends, boyfriend, and girlfriend. It can be best for any special or romantic event. Make your love bond strong with this easy five minutes bracelets. Read this article and learn how to make a trendy and beautiful wish bracelet in just five minutes.

Things you’ll need:

  • Hem twine
  • Seven Beads
  • Scissor


Take Hem twine and cut three strands of about 15 inches.

Take three strands and tie a knot in the end. Now braid three strands down about two-three inches.

Now add beads into a left twine and pulled it into the center. Snug it up close to the braid, and pull your left strand to the center to form a braid.

Now again from the right strand pass the bead and pull it to the center. Again pull it from the left and add beads. Repeat this process until done with all seven beads.

Then braid the rest of your strand according to your wrist size. Now tie the end off and evenly trim the stands up.

Before wearing this, make a wish and simply tie it on!

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